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Contact UFO Research is a non-profit making organisation. It is financed from subscriptions and donations, and is run by responsible, intelligent individuals variously qualified and coming from all walks of life. Each is prepared to devote their free time towards unravelling the great UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) enigma, and as such do not generally receive salaries or expenses for their effort.

Regular liaison and exchange of material occurs between other International UFO investigative bodies. Through such channels Contact UFO Research keeps itself fully informed of all major developments in the UFO field, irrespective of where specific events occur.

Every year many reports are received from all parts of the world and these are sent to Contact’s research unit – Data Research – which is based in Oxford, UK.

The reports are carefully checked for authenticity, analysed, correlated and filed. Checks are made with military, civilian, scientific and relevant authorities to the fullest extent of our resources. Data research seeks effective avenues and methods of research to provide an accurate overall picture of the UFO phenomenon, with much of the resulting information being disseminated through its publication awareness.

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Contact UFO Research welcomes new members. If you would like to receive a sample magazine, please send remittance of £2.00 (UK only) to the PO Box address below.  For membership enquiries please complete form here to receive details.

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It will be of great value if you will kindly complete this questionnaire and give a full account of what you saw. CIUFOR is a non-profit making organisation set up to investigate, collate and analyse reports of unidentified flying objects. Your privacy will be respected in response to this information.

History of Contact International UFO Research (CIUFOR)

CIUFOR was founded in 1967 by the 8th Lord Clancarty, Brinsley le Poer Trench, author of several UFO books written in the 1960-70’s period. Brinsley had already created a group called the International Sky Scouts in the early 60’s from which Contact emerged. As a well known face in Ufology, Clancarty became a media consultant whenever the subject of UFOs was discussed and seemed to have cult followings all over the world. Indeed, as a result 30-50 overseas branches were set up in the 1970’s and membership overall was claimed to have reached 11,000.

However, the first ten years’ records are confused and disjointed due to a continuous change of administrative personnel. The group’s magazines Awareness and UFO Register first appeared in 1968 and remained active up to 2 years ago when it was decided that only the AWARENESS magazine would continue which to date it still does. After a vague editorial start, J Bernard Delair (the current President) was editor of Awareness for most of the 1970s and since 1980 Geoffrey E Ambler (current Vice President) is now actively in the role. The magazine contains general articles on Ufology, sightings and other articles of interest by contributors worldwide. The editor of the “UFO Register” – a listing and analysis of UFO reports has been Frances Copeland since 1985. The Awareness magazines are produced 3-4 times a year but the discontinued UFO Register is no longer in print.

By the late ‘70s Lord Clancarty was approaching retirement and apart from instigating the “House of Lords UFO Debate” in 1979 produced very little after that. Thus in the early 1980s most of the running of Contact International (name at the time) was handed over to Derek Mansell, the chief Investigation Officer, based at Oxford where the majority of the UK branch administration officers had resided over the period 1975-80. Also the position of President was handed down from Lord Clancarty to Ruth Rees, a freelance journalist based in London.

In 1988 Derek Mansell departed for Cornwall and handed over the running of the organisation to Geoff Ambler, Frances Copeland and Michael Soper. This arrangement continues apart from a period in the mid-1990s when interest in UFOs suddenly rocketed most probably caused by the “alien body” film. A more formal council was formed with Brian P James as Chairman. The new grouping decided in 1996 to rename the organisation “Contact International UFO Research” as opposed to “Contact International” and “Contact UK”

Lord Clancarty, (Brinsley) died in 1995 after a long period of illness and bequeathed his extensive library to CIUFOR. There were books added from time to time and a video collection, thanks to recent contributions from Bill Foley, the hot-line controller and chief Investigating Officer to 2014.

In 2015 Contact UFO Research is still very active in collecting and disseminating UFO data which is recorded and stored for further analysis some of which is later released in the Awareness Magazine to keep the readership informed. There are small informal meetings twice a month which are currently held on a “round-robin basis” so that information and letters received can be exchanged and dealt with – whilst also keeping up to date with news and any recent happenings on the Ufology front.